Family Movies to Watch with Pre-Teens and Young Teens

Family Movies to Watch with Pre-Teens and Young Teens

When it comes to making romantic movies, South Indian movies are never far behind any other industry. The directors have their unique way of storytelling and narration that gives the movie a romantic feel, and the instances of the movie stay with you for some time. Their songs and dialogues may be witty, but they do not help convey the right emotions and end up being a favourite of the entire nation, and everyone dances to their tunes. Due to the pandemic, many producers were forced to release their blockbuster movies on various streaming platforms instead of releasing them in theatres. The numerous choices available on the streaming platform also helped many people pass the time during the lockdown. Telugu film industry launched a streaming platform that helped Telugu movie fans watch Telugu full movies online and numerous other web series and talk shows.

OreyBujjiga was a romantic Telugu movie released in 2020 that was directly released on Aha’s streaming platform. Once released, this movie gained a lot of attention from romantic movie lovers and was also liked by some critics. The story is a typical story of misunderstanding and chaos that follows after it. The movie is about two people who run away from their homes because they are constantly pressured to get married and settle down. Bujji, played by Raj Tarun and Krishnaveni, played by Malvika Nair, both run away from the house for the same reason but on separate occasions. The timing of both of them running away feels like they have eloped. The entire town then feels the same way, and from there on, the real story begins. Krishnaveni, when she comes to know about this, is very upset with Bujji, whom she has never met in real life. Bujji is unaware of Krishnaveni and accidentally meets her and introduces himself as Seenu. They both then fall head over heels for each other and, over time, become inseparable. Due to the unfortunate fate of Bujji, he one day realizes that Krishnaveni is the same girl who has run away from her town, and she now hates Bujji. Buyjji is very confused because she doesn’t know that he is Bujji, and telling her the truth may break their bond, and he may lose her forever. What follows is the chaos and the things that Bujji does to ensure that Krishnveni would still be in love with him. The movie is directed by Vijay Kumar Konda, and the producer of the movie is K.K. Radhamohan. Anup Rubens gave the soulful music to the story, and Andrew did the cinematography. The movie was released on 02 October 2020.

The director did a fantastic job of properly narrating the entire incident and bringing out apt emotions. The scenes do not look forced and take a natural course, while the chemistry between them is also good. Some might feel the story is exaggerated a lot, but it gets the job done of properly delivering all the scenes and the story correctly.

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