Links Between Construction Management And Estimating Software

Links Between Construction Management And Estimating Software

This is a very professional occupation that is important for keeping the construction process efficient. It keeps the management workflow effective and improves on various important focus points such as schedule of the project, cost that will be incurred, making sure of quality and safety of everyone, its scope, and function. These professional service providers have expertise in all kinds of project works and deliver a very efficient end product. The management acts as the links between, Owner of the project, the architects and engineers and the contractor who oversees day to day functions. These are overall focus groups of construction management and estimating software.

The main aim of Construction management is to represent the owner’s choices and interests that they need to forward to others and make sure that work is going accurately to how owner wanted it. They use various tools to provide the best predictions of how the work is flowing and how much more costs could be estimated. For this they use Estimating Software.This computer software is designed especially for construction managementIts main purpose is to create estimates of construction costs for every specific project they are dealing with. It estimates bid value that is crucial for any construction project. It is also used by engineers and architects to estimate cost of their operations in the project to give a widely accurate response to overall project cost.

Methods to save money by estimating

Estimating is a necessary step before undertaking any operation or project. Construction is hefty business and involves a lot of money. To save owners from huge losses and also to help them derive the best gains from their investments, estimating is done beforehand and during various steps of construction to always keep track of how much the cost is. If you are not estimating your cost before indulging into the project, you will face a lot of losses and possible failure. Construction managers try to keep owners in the loop of construction activities. They go with reports about already done work and aim to present how much more money could be saved in areas where work is still in progress. Estimating can be done in 3 different methods,

  1. Traditional Method:It includes proper survey and analysis of future costs that are said to be incurred according to the tenders. Prices are determined afterwards. This is done by reviewing plans for the project and tallying them with the survey data. There is a higher chance of human errors which could cause a lot of losses.
  2. Spread sheets: This involves creating typed sheets that include all the data of work. And using these sheets costs and prices are analysed using various formulas that have to be entered by the user. Which means human errors can lead to wrong results.
  3. Commercial Software’s for estimating are used for proper precision. They work on spread sheets that can calculate estimates by itself which reduces chances of human errors.