Cloud Hosting: The Benefits That Await You!

If you are new to the web industry and are planning to launch your first website or blog, you have a lot of questions in mind. Will I go for a Free or Premium service? Is this the right time to invest in a hosted service, and if so, which hosting service do I opt for?

Eventually, most website owners prefer shared hosting because it provides decent functionality for beginners and is very cheap. Your company grows with the passage of time, and so does the traffic. It is not always easy to choose the right hosting. It gets simpler, though, with the right tools and guidance. We will cover cloud storage in this article and the advantages of switching to the cloud. Let us begin by understanding IBM i hosting cloud hosting.

Cloud Hosting is an approach influenced by Cloud computing, where we merged the advantages of both clouds and shared hosting. The benefits of cloud are (Virtualization, Redundant Storage, Resource Scaling), and shared hosting’s simplicity. The plans are built so that users can not help increase resources (CPU and RAM) depending on their traffic requirements. Due to the robust storage architecture, the server can be spun back up again with limited downtime and no data loss.

IBM i hosting

Beyond these basics, let us see what separates Cloud Hosting from other hosting services:

  • Better Performance: This maximizes websites and web applications’ performance as the load is spread equally among the network-connected servers. Server availability is also high, as it is not based on a single physical server, as in Shared Hosting.
  • Enhanced Scalability: Cloud Hosting allows CPU and RAM to get upgraded conveniently and quickly, increasing scalability when and when the website’s traffic grows.
  • Safe Data: Cloud Hosting offers mirroring of data to help you keep your data secure. The data is replicated on three different computers on different drives so that you will not lose your data in case of any hardware failure. It means data backup and recovery are trouble-free.
  • Cost Saving: While initially, it may seem like Cloud Hosting is costly, given the services it offers, the pricing is considerably more cost-efficient. You have to pay for the services you use in certain situations, too. Any of Cloud Hosting’s features include free data transfer, fully managed storage, resource management, etc.
  • Good Stability: Cloud Storage is efficient because the mirroring results in triple replication of the data. It means that the cloud data is secure and makes recovery of data easier if the server ever fails.
  • Incredible Speed: Cloud Hosting servers have a low density that helps improve your website and the help of a web simulator that enables websites to sustain high traffic while loading pages at a super-fast speed by caching the web page’s static and dynamic content. This will speed up nearly 1000 percent of websites.