Tipsto take care of your pet turtle

Tipsto take care of your pet turtle

Most people have dogs and cats as their pets. Turtle is another kind of pet which is the most interactive pets. All kinds of turtles are more fascinating to watch and they have attractive colors. They could easily recognize their owners and ask for the food. Unlike the dogs and cats, turtle needs a lot of care and work involved to maintain them. When you provide turtle food with high protein and take care of them properly they would live up to 40 years. If you need to be turtle owner then get ready to take the responsibility of maintaining turtle for long-term. Here some tips are given that helps to take care of your pet.

Purchase a large aquarium:

You should set up a comfortable place for your turtle. First, you need to buy a large aquarium, even though you have a small turtle. Because when they grew you need to purchase a large aquarium. For every increase of shell length, add 10 gallons of water. Don’t fill up the aquarium with water till the top. It is essential to keep the turtles at the correct temperature and should provide turtle food at the correct time.You can use the overhead lamp to keep the land surface warm. At night time it should be maintained cold so turn off the lamp.

turtle food to feed

Set up a filter:

It is better to keep the filter into the aquarium. When you have the small turtle don’t purchase powerful filter because it cannot swim against the current filter. It is advisable to use the less powerful filter at the early stage of a turtle.

Hiding space:

Turtle prefers a hiding space and it doesn’t need a lot of decoration. People use plants but the cleaning process will be difficult. You should be careful that do not keep inside like an enclosure material. When the turtle swims into it and cannot turn around from the place. Keep the things inside a tank which does not disturb the swimming of turtle.

Fill the bottom:

Put some rocks in the bottom of the tank. Make sure they are larger when you put small rocks, the turtle would eat. You can also fill the bottom with the sand, turtle digs it and play. One drawback about sand is, it is harder to clean. Because they all minute and cannot separate the waste from the sand. While using rocks you can wash it and reuse it again.