5 Best Online Music Streaming Platforms

They say, “Music is an escape. “ This is so because listening to songs can lift your mood instantly. For every emotion and feeling, some music is relatable. The music in our home is generally played on TV, radio, and computer. True music lovers carry a big collection of songs in CDs, pen drives, hard disks, and in floppies. For some people, music acts as their hobby, and for some, music is their passion.

In India, there is a well-established music industry that tells the significance of music in our daily lives. From pop songs to folk songs, from new songs to old melodies, from regional songs to devotional songs, some people enjoy all kinds of music. Nowadays, every other day a new song is releasing. It takes no time for any music album or song in our country to get famous. India has a broad audience for songs and music.

In today’s time, it is challenging to carry CDs, pen drives, walkmans, and other devices to listen to music. In the world of digitalization, nothing is left behind. Now it has become easy to enjoy music while having a morning walk, gymming session, driving, etc. All you got to do is have a mobile phone with you.

There are various platforms where you can listen to and stream music online. Following are some benefits of online music platforms:

  • Portable

Now you don’t have to carry your laptops and radios to the park and gym to enjoy music. Online streaming of music has helped in that way. All you have to get is an internet connection, and you can enjoy your music wherever you want

  • Wide variety

CDs, pen drives, hard disks have a maximum storage limit beyond which you cannot store music in them. But with the online streaming platform, you can keep and store an infinite number of songs. It has easy access also.

  • Up-to-Date

You will have access to the latest tunes. Online platforms for music offer up to date music so that the listeners don’t have to worry about the updates.

Following is the information regarding the best online music streaming platforms:

  • Spotify

Spotify has an intuitive interface to use. It provides 320Kbps quality. Spotify has a vast music library of over 40 million songs. It can be played on any android or iOS device.

  • Apple music

Apple music offers excellent sound quality to its users. It has a feature of recommendations also. It will display the songs automatically based on your past listening experience.


  • Youtube Music

Youtube music offers an excellent search feature. If you are a die-hard fan of live music, then youtube music is the best option for you.

That’s all about online music streaming platforms. With many advantages and utilities, it remains top in the list of music lovers.


The Perfect Home Can Support Healthy Lifestyle

In the present time, people focus on a clean and toxin-free lifestyle. More and more people are paying attention to the ways they can improve their well-being, both physically and mentally. That’s the main reason developers and builders are investing more in building homes that can support a healthy lifestyle. Sustainability has become a significant component of every house.

In order to boost the health inside the house, take a look at the trends given here.

1: Biophilic Design:

These kinds of homes are being built so that the homeowner can feel closer to nature. Some people are lucky enough to own houses in the mountains or near a lake or river. Therefore, more projects are expected to start around such landscapes so that the family members can engage in a healthy lifestyle.

2: Better Air & Water Quality:

Every person would agree then the air and water quality in Metropolitan areas is not tolerable. Even the paints, adhesives, and other products people use inside the house reduce the air quality. Hence, the builders suggest making significant changes in the original design of the home so that the integrity won’t be compromised.

For water quality, many products are designed under the regulation to avoid wastage of water. Homeowners can choose from a wide variety of products to optimize water use.

3: Consider Having Food Source Closer To Home:

Edible home gardens have become a trend in the present time. Instead of buying vegetables and fruits from the market, people prefer growing veggies in their yard. The houses that don’t have ideal conditions to grow all plants can think of using greenhouses.

4: Get Lighting According to Requirements:

It is believed that the lighting inside the house affects your mood. Hence, you need to create a space where you can have ambient light and change the intensity as well. Nowadays, lights that can be programmed to change color and temperature around the house are designed. You can use such intelligent technology for your home and make your days brighter and evening cooler.

5: Build A Green Home:

From insulation, ventilation, and right-sized mechanicals, every component in your house can make your life healthy and help nature as well. Designing a high-performance home is not a difficult task. If you can get the right help, then everything can be done with minimal efforts.

Build A Green Home

Whether it is the physical health or mental health, homeowners can create a balance by some creative ideas. Just get in touch with the builders and ask them how you can make your home healthy and beautiful at the same time. Every person has different requirements when it comes to their ideal home. Get your home built by professionals.